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Mother’s Garden – an unconventional way of life; a Mediterranean mountain farm of vineyards, olives, almonds and wildlife;¬† a life-changing story; a champion of fresh arbequina extra virgin olive oil and healthy recipes; bulk olive oil sales to chefs and delis, an online olive oil shop; two lifestyle books and two Channel Four No Going Back documentaries; a holiday cottage with pool in the peace of the Priorat; the home of Maggie Whitman, Martin Kirby, children Ella and Joe Joe. Taste, visit, read – thousands of people from around the world have done one, two or all three.

If this is your first visit to our website – welcome! We hope you enjoy all of it, and want to subscribe (for free) to our regular blogs, to know of our tales from the farm about food, olive oil, wildlife, the ups and downs, what we feel matters. And please post your comments. Feedback is vital to us.


The Mother’s Garden trademark tree represents a great many things, not least the pursuit of a healthy, fulfilling life close to nature, with time for family and others. It features on all the things we do, not least our latest book, Shaking The Tree, that was published on December 1, 2010.

Through Maggie and Martin’s Priorat holiday cottage they are able to give visitors a taste of their life in the beautiful Priorat mountains. And through their fast growing¬† fresh extra virgin olive oil business they share an essential, tasty, healthy ingredient of Latin living with people across the British Isles. Please see the holiday and olive oil pages for more details. Join the grape harvest and wine-making, spread olive or almond nets under the trees, walk the mountains, explore the coast and culture or simply chill by the pool while the children play.


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The newly restored farm sign with lavender