Groveland Farm Shop, Roughton, Saturday

Oiling the wheels a little more. As well as being at the Norwich Farmers’ Market in Gentleman’s Walk on Sunday, Maggie will be doing a tasting of fresh, cold-pressed, Mother’s Garden Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Groveland Farm Shop, Roughton in North Norfolk, on Saturday May 15 from 10am until noon.

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  1. Richard Streeter

    Thank you Maggie for letting us taste and telling us about your splendid product.
    I have sent some of your leaflets to my clients in Norfolk and Suffolk – so you never know you might receive some extra business.
    Not sure whether you told us but where can we buy your olive oil in Norwich?
    Richard Streeter

  2. Salts Farm Shop

    This is great! I’ve got real respect for you and your traditional methods. We’ve just started up our own farm food shop in Kent so I’ll be visiting this site regularly for inspiration (it’s not easy educating people on the importance of supporting local farmers, as I know you’ll be only too aware!)

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