Moon Daisy

A literary novel set in England and America that is now  film screenplay project.
Martin is working with Eye Film and Television and Genesius Pictures, with production plans due to be announced in 2014.
Count the Petals of the Moon Daisy is a story of two women, separated by a century and an ocean, whose lives weave closer and closer until they touch. It about the healing power of nature and music, of self-discovery and coming to terms with loss. Set in America and England, it reaches to the roots of English-American ancestry as violin virtuoso Jessica Healey finds herself on a journey into the past.



No Going Back

No Going Back – Journey To Mother’s Garden is the story of Martin and Maggie’s journey to find space, time and fulfilment with their young children Ella and Joe; of their struggle to survive and the fruits of their adventures on a mountain farm in Catalonia, Spain.
Honest and often hilarious, this account of living the dream has been translated into Dutch, Portuguese and Catalan – vital reading for all who dream of stepping off the beaten track.
It followed the two No Going Back television documentaries about the family’s journey and new life on the farm – programmes that have now been screened around the world.


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Shaking The Tree

Shaking The Tree is the second part of the Mother’s Garden family’s inspirational true story, covering the years from 2003 to 2015, and newly-published as an e-book.
People from all corners of the globe have made their way to The Garden.
In another laugh-out-loud, heartfelt, honest account of life on the wild side, Martin lays bare the joys, fears and tribulations that face anyone who falls in love with the idea of a Mediterranean escape.
This moving account of starting afresh, somewhere far from all they knew, goes to the heart of fulfilment, the value of family, the importance of time; and it asks important questions of us all.