About us

Mother’s Garden is a small Mediterranean mountain farm of olives, vines, almonds and wildlife, just half an hour from the sea, south of Tarragona.
Our colourful tree logo, designed shortly after we arrived by our young niece Rosa and our daughter Ella, represents the life-changing story of our family, a search for a different way of living that has been featured in two books and two television documentaries.
First and foremost it is a home, a simple yet a very special one in a remarkable place, and we count our blessings every day for finding it in the summer of 2000. The work can be very challenging, but as our Catalan friends and neighbours always say, there is so much in our lives that is so good and which does not have a price.
Please read our story in the two books NO GOING BACK – Journey to Mother’s Garden, and the sequel SHAKING THE TREE, and taste this life, either by visiting or putting our multi-award winning olive oil at the heart of your family and diet. We would love to hear from you.
All the time we have lived here we have been farming, with or prime focus on the original superfood that is premium extra virgin olive oil.
We campaign to raise awareness of how olive juice freshness is just as vital as full provenance and quality, and we want to bring the best olive oil to people as a responsible price.
If this is your first visit to our website – welcome! We hope you enjoy all of it and want to subscribe (for free) to our regular blogs, to know of our tales from the farm about food, olive oil, wildlife, the ups and downs, what we feel matters. And please post your comments. Feedback is vital to us.
The Mother’s Garden trademark tree represents a great many things, not least the pursuit of a healthy, fulfilling life close to nature, with time for family and others. Through our holiday cottage we have welcomed more than 1500 people from all over the world to the farm, seeking a taste of this life in the beautiful Priorat mountains.
How did this story begin?
Here is the prologue to the first book, published in 2003 and still in print with Little Brown. NO GOING BACK – Journey to Mother’s Garden, by Martin Kirby.

“I once knew a man, an average sort of bloke in many ways, whose life seemed to be trundling along nicely into middle age. I haven’t seen him for a couple of years, but back then, about the time he was turning 40, he seemed ‘set’ it that’s the right word. He was happily married. They had a young daughter and another baby was on the way. He had a good job and they lived in an old cottage in a pretty village. He’d worked his way up through the company he’d been with for 20-odd years and, ever cautious, had been paying into a pension scheme all that time. They had about 12 years to run on their large endowment mortgage and although they never had any savings they ploughed what spare money they had into the house which they saw as their investment.
He liked his career, even if the hours were long. He made it to middle management by the time he was 30 which meant a company car, parking space and the occasional volauvent in the boardroom. He knew he’d have to move to another firm if he was to climb further up the ladder, but that wasn’t his style. He felt appreciated and secure in what he saw as an increasingly unstable world. As I said, a fairly typical bloke, spending nearly two hours a day behind the wheel commuting, forever apologizing for being late home, doing his best to help out at the village school, fiddling with a bit of DIY, drinking a little too much maybe, but reasonably healthy and apparently with a handle on his life.
Their daughter came along seven years ago and, by all accounts, they were thriving -just one among the countless happy families beating the common path through life.
Then, out of the blue, they stopped. They stunned friends and colleagues by announcing that despite all they had they’d decided to opt out and live a completely different life.
He, of course, is me – and this is how and why we made the journey to Mother’s Garden.”