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Keep safe, one and all. Listen to our podcasts

Dear all,

We want to send positive thoughts and appreciation to you from us here at the Mother’s Garden farm, our home for 20 years, and to give you an update on how things are for us at this profound time of uncertainty and reflection. We so hope you are keeping well and managing the best you can.  If you want to get in touch, please do. 

We also want to let you know we have stock in the UK of our most recent harvest olive oil and can, at the time of writing, supply direct to your home. In March we managed to prepare and send a shipment. Our brother and UPS are working with us to get any orders out to you. If this situation changes we will tell you immediately. If you are part of a HUB – please check with us or your co-ordinator regarding group orders/collection.

Thank you for all the messages of concern. We are spending virtually all our time on the farm, understandably, with only infrequent food shopping trips and collections from the mill under very strict controls. Our community here in the mountains of the Priorat, southern Catalonia, has been very respectful of the lockdown. The people, though obviously anxious as are we all, remain positive. Yes, music from balconies. This is a very tactile society, so the sense of distance is hard to bear, but they are doing it.

We are very fortunate to have our son Joe at home with us. He began his degree in Political Science at the Vrije University in Amsterdam last September, but was able to return here before the lockdown and is continuing to study online for the moment. Our daughter, Ella, is on a 6-month work visa in Singapore and staying with her boyfriend and his family. She is well and able to write and work online also. Meanwhile we carry on pruning the olives, planting loads of veg and reading, writing, playing music and catching up on unfinished projects!

If you wish to order then an email back to us is ideal. Please note our main telephone line number is not working at the moment, but we are on our mobile(0034 677 708115) and online.

Meanwhile, we want to offer something different, over and above the goodness of olive oil, something to counter the weight of news.  The farm is full of nature tales and burgeoning with life and song as spring dawns. Martin will be posting a further nature podcast in the coming days and we will let you know when it is live. Join him on the land as it awakens.

Below is the link. Click and listen.

Keep safe. Keep strong.

Martin and Maggie


Who would like some super fresh olive juice – premium extra virgin olive oil in time for Christmas?

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Seven-times gold standard in UK Great Taste Awards

One of the lowest acidity levels in the world

100 per cent arbequina, just pressed in recent weeks.

The beautiful, Mother’s Garden New Harvest premium extra virgin olive oil has arrived in the UK! The shelves are stocked and first parcels are being booked.We will begin distribution next week, as promised.

Many thanks to all of you who have ordered and we’re so excited for you to try this years liquid gold. If you haven’t put an order in yet and want it in time for Christmas, reply to this email and get in touch now.
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Remember that we also have embroidered Mother’s Garden aprons and books too! If you have a spare moment, please let us know your thoughts of this years harvest. We think this year’s pressing is particularly delicious…

Premium olive juice will begin to solidify in the extreme cold, so do not worry if it arrives like this. It’s completely natural and still premium oil. It will ease at room temperature after a few hours. Goodness and flavour not affected one bit! 

Finally, we’d like to wish you all a very warm and joyous holiday season.  This year, all the Mother’s Garden family will be home for Christmas. Joe, after a successful first term at university in Amsterdam and Ella stopping-over on her way to Singapore in January. It will also be our first fully plant-based feast in which we reap the infinite goodness from our super-foods. Farmed hazels & almonds, wild mushrooms from the valley, our olive oil…

We’ve got more good news coming in the New Year, but for now, stay warm and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

Get set for new harvest!

The final countdown to our November olive harvest is on – the busiest time of the year here at Mother’s Garden and across the valley.

We will be working flat out through November to harvest, press and send our fresh pressing of our multi-award-winning premium EV olive oil to the UK.

As always, with all fingers crossed, the aim is to have this finest natural, sustaining superfood from tree to you in a matter to a few weeks, in time for Christmas and New Year feasting.

We always give the pressing dates – full information is essential – and now we have seven gold standards in the coveted UK Great Taste Awards. That is why more and more people are finding their way to the tree that is Mother’s Garden.

Watch this space – and get in touch if you have any questions. We are here to help.

Honey&Co Food Talks

Mother’s Garden on the famous Honey&Co food talks.
Free podcast available from today. (Not on an Apple device? Click here.)

We are so very proud and privileged to be working with these amazing people – Itamar, Sarit and their team – and to be invited to talk about the superfood that is premium extra virgin olive oil.

We would, of course, love to supply you with premium fresh extra virgin olive oil. Just go to our online shop or get in touch.
If you have never tasted Mother’s Garden now is the time. Listen first, though, to hear what Itamar and we have to say……….


Let’s keep this simple – we have re-stocked and have our delicious multi-award winning premium extra virgin olive oil available for immediate delivery, UK and Europe wide.
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Have Mother’s Garden at the heart of your daily, healthy, delicious diet. More and more people are doing just that, knowing exactly where this essential food comes from and who we are. You can even visit us.
Freshness, provenance, supreme quality and trust.
Just go to our online shop, or contact us here on the Mediterranean farm Mother’s Garden.
We are always happy to answer any questions.
Martin and Maggie

The farm podcast

Join me, Martin Kirby, as I walk the farm, telling of the nature, the tasks the goodness that is Mother’s Garden
Here is the link to Episode 10.
Song of the swallows, burnt feasts and exceptional friends.
Why the podcasts?
Mother’s Garden is premium extra virgin olive and far far more.
Should you wish to taste this life we can supply you with our multi-award winning olive juice, and you can come and stay in our farm cottage too.

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We are here to answer any of your questions and we love to hear from you.



Our as-fresh-as-can-be November 2018 Mother’s Garden
NEW HARVEST olive oil has now arrived in the UK.
Thank you to everyone who has ordered. We are working hard and all orders to date should be delivered within the next few days. Thanks, too, for all the fantastic feedback to date.
Yes, it is SO delicious and we are delighted many agree.

DON’T MISS OUT. Go to the online shop
Let us know what you would like by Saturday evening, December 15, and we can get this to you next week. (UK mainland only)

Give someone a bottle this festive season.
– they make perfect gifts.
3 litre tins £27, case of 6x500ml glass bottles £43.50.
Flat rate delivery charge of £10.75 for orders under £120.

The cold
Dipping winter temperatures will mean that the olive oil will thicken, but this will ease at room temperature after a few hours. The cold in no way affects the quality of your premium, super fresh extra virgin olive oil.

The tins
While continuing to supply 500ml glass bottles in cases of six, for larger volumes we switched from plastic containers to single size 3-litre tins this year, to cut the volume of plastic in the world.
We also sought to use high quality, thin tin to vitally reduce waste and weight.
This has been a success. But one issue has been the ease with which these tins can dent.
We strive to do all we can to protect the tins, but ask for your understanding if they have are not always perfect on arrival. We stress that the fundamental – the quality of the premium olive oil we are supplying to you – is not affected at all.
We keep labelling to a minimum for ease of recycling, so please do this!

How to open olive oil tin

The word is getting around. This from olive oil expert Judy Ridgway – click here to read her blog about us.

Are you in the UK (or Europe) and interested in multi-award winning, fresh extra virgin olive oil in glass or tins? We can supply you. Please get in touch or go direct to our shop. It should convert to your currency to give you a quote of delivery.

Follow Judy’s blogs if you love olive oil and need to learn more about the health benefits and recipes. Her and Dr Simon Poole’s book The Olive Oil Diet is vital reading.

New shipment in UK

Want some fresh, multi-award-winning premium extra virgin olive oil?
We have new stock in the UK now available for immediate deliveryjust go to our shop to order.
Have you just found Mother’s Garden? There is much to discover, stories to read, places to visit and wonderful food to put at the heart of your healthy diet.
If you have any questions or special requests please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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