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Honey&Co Food Talks

Mother’s Garden on the famous Honey&Co food talks.
Free podcast available from today. (Not on an Apple device? Click here.)

We are so very proud and privileged to be working with these amazing people – Itamar, Sarit and their team – and to be invited to talk about the superfood that is premium extra virgin olive oil.

We would, of course, love to supply you with premium fresh extra virgin olive oil. Just go to our online shop or get in touch.
If you have never tasted Mother’s Garden now is the time. Listen first, though, to hear what Itamar and we have to say……….

The Mother’s Garden book

Mother’s Garden is much more than just award-winning, premium extra virgin olive oil.

The first book about Mother’s Garden, the story of how we found the farm, or how it found us, has been reprinted by Little Brown.
Order your copy today.
A farm, a tree, a life in all honesty.

NO GOING BACK – Journey To Mother’s Garden is one family’s search for a different way of living.
Travel to our Mediterranean farm with us. Read our story.

Order here.

New harvest available NOW

Our delicious, just pressed new harvest olive oil – premium extra virgin arbequina from our village mill – is selling fast.

Hundreds of customers across the UK and Ireland now have it at the heart of their table and daily diet. Would you like some of the finest olive oil?

We offer our olive juice (for that, simply, is what it is) in 3 litre tins and also in cases of 6x500ml glass bottles which make wonderful presents.

Just go to our online shop. When you get to the basket it will define all the delivery costs before you commit to buy. If you have any questions at all we are here on the Mother’s Garden farm to help.

Remember too that the delivery charge is flat rate, so if you share a delivery with family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, this does not change. And when you have a combined order of more than £125 there is no charge at all (UK only).

Freshness matters as much as provenance and premium quality. We are wholly committed to all three. And we would love to share it with you.

Winter, spring, summer or autumn – put premium olive oil at the heart of your diet.
Choose between our 3 litre tins and cases of 6x500ml bottles

Customers in Sweden – SVERIGE! TACK!

We are proud to announce we have our first customers in Sweden. TACK!
More and more people are recommending Mother’s Garden. Try us.
We are a small, multi-award-winning premium olive oil business – specialists – based in The Priorat mountains of southern Catalonia. We may be small, but all is possible, always with provenance and the finest quality. Outstanding extra virgin olive oil from our village mill, to your door in Sweden for as little as kr135 a litre.
This price was possible because a group of five friends ordered a 3 litre tin each and we made one delivery to one address of 5×3 litre tins. Sharing a delivery this way is such a simple, delicious and a wonderful way to cut the cost, cut the transport and get the very best olive oil.

If you only order a 3 litre tin we offer great value. Check us out. We already have regular customers in Germany and Holland.
Just click on the link to go to our shop in your language and currency.
We can deliver to –
Sweden/Sverige? Click here.
Denmark/Danmark? Click here.
Holland/Nederland? Click here.
Germany/Deutschland? Click here.
Belgium/Belgique? Click here.
We would love to supply you.

Any questions please ask.

Here are the essential facts.

Key facts about your olive oil

Thank you to everyone who has our premium extra virgin olive oil at the heart of their diet.
Our watchwords are freshness, quality and provenance.
So please let us define it for you in more detail……- It is always and only the juice of the olive fruit from the first pressing.
– We hand pick and press on the same day for optimum quality.
– Harvest is every November here in the Priorat mountains of southern Catalonia.
– Search for Mother’s Garden Spain on Google maps and you will find us, about 100km south of Barcelona, near the town of Falset.
– We always put the pressing date on every container because freshness is key (very few producers do this).
– We have won numerous awards, including three gold stars in the UK Great Taste Awards.
– And we are always here to answer your questions.Our website with more information about the farm is

Below are the test results for the November 2017 harvest, with explanations.
Thank you so much for your custom and trust.
We may be small but we can deliver almost anywhere in the world, so please tell your family and friends. All they have to do is go to our online shop and it will convert to their currency. Or ask them to get in touch. AND WE HAVE STOCK READY NOW FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY!
Kindest regards
Martin and Maggie


November 2017 pressing
Our premium extra virgin olive oil is independently analyzed by a certified laboratory, to determine the quality.
These are the results for the latest MOTHER’S GARDEN harvest, and how they compare with the quality thresholds required to qualify as “extra virgin” olive oil (EVOO).  

This is an essential parameter of quality and, hence, purity and goodness.
To qualify as Extra Virgin an oil must have an acidity of less that 0.8 per cent.
Our olive oil has one of the lowest acidity levels in the world. 
Acidity value depends on many factors, such as the quality and the state and maturity of olive fruits and the care and speed of extraction. It is defined as a percentage as grams of free fatty acids (expressed as oleic acid, the main fatty acid present in olive oil) in 100 grams of oil.
The Peroxide Value is measurement of active oxidization degree in the oil. The very low value indicates that the EVOO is fresh, without oxygen effects, and that, hence, it will retain its goodness longer. Oxidation can be the result of natural aging or indicative of poor handling or heating during the refining process
K232 = 1.77 (LIMIT FOR EVOO 2.5)
K270 = 0.11 (LIMIT FOR EVOO 0.22)
These readings show UV absorption, give us information on quality and oxidative alteration and show, for example, that an olive oil is not a blend of new and older oils. These are fundamental markers for good quality extra virgin olive oil and help in identifying adulteration/fraud.
Remember, too, this olive juice (for that is what olive oil fundamentally is) comes from one village mill, is wholly traceable and fully certified. That is the truth. That is Mother’s Garden.
Always be 100 per cent sure of the source, freshness and quality of this extraordinary food. Look for full information, with press dates, registrations and analysis.


Try our delicious and award-winning olive oil

Mother’s Garden goodness can be on your table this week if you are in the UK or within two weeks if you in Ireland or mainland Europe.
Our 2018 (and now six times winner of gold standard in the coveted UK Great Taste Awards) premium olive oil is so important to more and more people.
The latest review on our website from a very happy customer –

It tastes delicious! I got talking to a colleague at work, who acts as a Hub, so I got a 3 litre tin. I love this olive oil, it is so green and fresh tasting with a nice peppery finish. The first thing I used it for for in the River Cafe Crab, chilli pasta recipe, you really need good olive oils for such a dish and it lifted it to a new height. I am hooked and will be back for more…”

We are ready for your autumn orders. And please tell friends how they can get it too. We rely so much on word of mouth, on sharing.
Here are some recipe ideas.
As more and more people rightly incorporate more plant-based ingredients in their diets the finest olive is at the heart of so many recipes.
We love the arbequina olive, the timeless, essential fruit that is the olive: The branch symbol of peace and health: The ultimate plant food known for its goodness throughout civilisation.
That is our simple, essential endeavour. More and more people understand and appreciate our multi award-winning olive oil with full provenance, quality and freshness.
2018 pricing unchanged.
3 litre tin £27 (fully recyclable)
6x500ml bottles £43.50 (fantastic gifts)
There is a delivery charge, which is defined as you order. Go to our online shop.

And please remember, YOU CAN VISIT US. We have a cottage in these stunning mountains.
Come and taste the food and wine, walk in wild places.
We are taking bookings for 2019 now
We had thought 2018 would be our last season of welcoming people to our cottage over 13 years, but with so many uncertainties in Europe and the world we want and need to be constant.
Just email us for prices and let’s talk dates.
Sending appreciation and happy thoughts, as always, from us here at Mother’s Garden.

Thank you for making this possible

Thank you so much. We at Mother’s Garden would not be able to keep going, to keep ensuring supply of the finest olive juice, to uphold quality, provenance and freshness, without our growing list of customers.
This latest award – our sixth – means so much.
Just go to online shop to order.
In Europe? No problem. We can supply you – private companies and businesses.
Somewhere further afield in the world? We might be able to manage that too.

Just get in touch.
We love to hear from good food lovers all over the world.
And follow us on Instagram. Food, farm, life.
Help us spread the goodness that is Mother’s Garden extra virgin olive oil.

Mother’s Garden documentaries

Channel 4 has now made the two hour-long documentaries about Mother’s Garden available online in the UK.
Put the kettle on then click here to watch them.
Filmed during the early years of our adventure, they tell the family story and explain why we came to this small farm in the mountains of Catalonia 17 years ago.
The time has flown, of course, but the feelings and appreciations are exactly the same. What still matters is time – time for family, good food, nature and community. We count our blessings and and ever grateful to our families for their understanding and support.
We continue to write, to spread the goodness that is fresh extra virgin olive oil, and to welcome guests from all over the world to our holiday cottage on the farm. Perhaps you might like to come. We are thinking that 2018 may be our last year of running the cottage as a holiday let, so think on.
Keep well.
Martin and Maggie




We are pulling out all the stops to have deliciously fresh new harvest olive oil – brimming with life, flavour and goodness – in the UK in December for pre-Christmas delivery.


​- From 1st DECEMBER​ 2016
5 litres – £40.70
2 litres – £19.20
Case of 6x500ml glass bottles – £42.60​

​Ordering your​ New Harvest Olive Oil

We can offer​​ our oil in 2 litre and 5 litre containers and also in cases of 6x500ml bottles (great size for gifts)

We can also offer Unfiltered olive oil in 2 litre or 5 litre containers only
(Please note that this oil appears cloudy because it contains particles of the olive fruit and therefore has a shorter use by date of 6 months).
This unfiltered oil is only available by special request via this email – deadline next Sunday 20th November

To Place Your Order
Please get in touch with us via this email, go to our online shop or contact your hub.
We aim to deliver your new harvest orders by Friday 16th December.

We deeply regret having to increase our prices, but ask you to understand it is necessary for us to continue.
The impact of the significant devaluation of the Pound against the Euro​ has meant the second half of 2016 has been so difficult for us living and farming here in Catalonia​. 2017 will continue to be exceptionally challenging, so we send a great many thanks for your ongoing ​​custom and appreciation of the finest, healthiest and most wonderful of foods – fresh, premium Mother’s Garden EV olive oil.

If ordering for Christmas, how about this for a present for yourselves or others?
We are now offering through our online shop the newly-published​, vital olive oil health​​ ​and recipe book​ “The Olive Oil Diet – Nutritional Secrets of the Original Superfood”​ ​by Judy Ridgway and Doctor Simon Poole.
It is essential reading for anyone who loves this ​superfood and wants to know more about how vital it is for health​ ​as well as advice on how to make the best of it in your everyday cooking​. Free delivery with your olive oil order.

With​ ​​our thanks to everyone who is part of the Mother’s Garden family of customers. We will keep going!
​ ​

Health and happiness.