November 2021 Harvest - Unfiltered (LIMITED STOCK)


Multi-award-winning premium extra virgin olive oil - with full information on village mill, pressing and bottling dates.

We would love to supply you with our customer favourite 3L tin unfilteredThe unfiltered oil includes tiny particles of fruit, making it appear cloudy, and has an even stronger flavour. As fresh as can be. Bursting with life, flavour and essential goodness. A rare and wonderful treat.

Three litre containers of our FRESH, premium, multi-award-winning olive oil - choose 3 litres/ 6 litres/ 9 litres etc.

Wonderful, 100% arbequina, cold-pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our village mill in the Priorat mountains, Catalonia, Spain.

Orders worldwide including Northern Ireland will have different transport costs, so please get in touch for a quote. 

We are here to help. Any issues or questions just get in touch and we will sort your order for you.

As fresh as can be. Premium standard with exceptional low acidity, wonderful, essential food at the heart of a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Bursting with flavour and goodness - Pressed November 2021 - wonderful olive juice. 

All containers carry pressing and bottling dates. Why freshness matters.
Multi-winner of Gold Star standard in the UK Great Taste Awards. Latest award two star gold at the international 2021 Great Taste Awards.

Please bear in mind that the cold will have thickened the olive juice - a sign of quality - but that it will ease at room temperature after a few hours.  We hope you love it.

Two of these tins of unfiltered olive oil are extra special. They have red and yellow cord. If you receive one of these get in touch for a surprise.


We are so grateful for the surge in interest in Mother’s Garden and what we stand for, and for the host of orders for the new harvest olive oil, just picked and pressed. We are working round the clock to keep things flowing. We ask you to understand, however, that due to the extraordinary challenges we are all facing at this time, there are delays beyond our control. Any orders may take up to two weeks to fulfil. Our aim is to get orders to customers before Christmas, but this cannot be guaranteed. Thank you all. You are Mother’s Garden.

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