Hake and prawns, almonds and parsley

Such an amazing feast for the senses, packed with omega 3 and omega 9. Very good, too, for anyone trying to avoid mixing starch with protein.

Carrot cake with walnuts – sweet delight

We have been fighting over these cakes – made for us by farm helpers Natalie and Andrei. The different textures of the raisins, carrots and nuts make a glorious combination.
Make two to avoid family arguments!

Mother’s Garden savoury – simple – nut roast

A Mother’s Garden favourite for all ages, full of flavour and goodness, and so simple. Gorgeous hot with steamed vegetables or cold with salad.

Child-friendly vegetables – try this fritter recipe

We all love these vegetable fritters, using crops from the garden and the market, and lashings of fresh olive oil, of course!

So simple, so wonderful tomato bread with olive oil and garlic

Here’s the easy, total goodness snack answer for all ages. We keep a bowl in our fridge all the time – the children love it.

Patatas a lo pobre

Here is a very simple, delicious favourite dish at Mother’s Garden, with lashings of olive oil, of course.

Quick vegetable feasts

Mother’s Garden offered up a bumper crop of veg this summer, and rapid, simple, yummy answers were needed.

Creamy Fig Compote

Figs were one of the first crops to be cultivated by early humans, predating wheat, barley and vegetables, and their goodness is so significant, being high in calcium and fibre, and rich in antioxidants.

Mother’s Garden Apple Chutney

This one, for apple chutney, is a great favourite in the family and among friends, and has been passed down passed down from my mum, Beryl Whitman, like many gems of wisdom and practical knowledge.

Fresh Olive Oil ideas

The easiest way of all to enjoy your fresh olive oil is use it instead of butter in sandwiches or just on its own on fresh bread or rolls…

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  1. adriana major

    hola, ou melhor ola! eu nao falo catalao, nem espanhol e meu ingles ahnnn… mas o autor diz conhecer u pouco de portugues e a escrita é incrivelmente decifradora em qualquer lingua se tivermos um pouco de interesse, como eu tenho por exemplo…
    sua pagina toda em ingles e em catalao no entanto nao foi tao dificil para mim
    Hoje january 2th de 2011 terminei o livro “no going back” otimo para meu new yaer
    i want only congratulations for your dolce family. i will this mensage for traductor, buts my time is litle and if un thing i know with your book it is: the language not is problem for comunication, and yes o preconceito e o medo
    kiss e good luck
    ps sorry for complicacion


    Congratulations for such a wonderful account of your family life which you have put so much hard work into. Just finished Shaking the Tree and could not put it down. We have always admired you for how you have built Mothers Garden up from nothing. You made a comment about being so lucky to find the farm but we think the farm was so lucky to have found you. We would love to see Moon Daisy crop up on the big screens one day soon. It would make a wonderful film. All the very best of luck and hope to visit one day from our home here on the Murcia coast for the past six years.You and your family are an ispiration to everybody. Thank you.

  3. Martin Kirby Post Author

    Dear Keith and Jane, how kind you are. We try. Quite where the eleven years have gone we do not know. There are days, naturally, when Mother’s Garden and all it means can be overwhelming, but there are many more when we understand our good fortune. And we so appreciate your encouragement regarding the film. I will be having some crucial meetings in England shortly, so fingers crossed. Kindest regards from us all here.

  4. jean rafferty

    I just want to say that that is the best carrot cake I have ever tasted
    so.. when does the recipe book come out???????????????

  5. Jill Moran

    Picked up No Going Back in booksale at Doctor’s Surgery! So glad I did. What an enjoyable and inspiring read. Now going to buy Shakiing the Tree. So glad you’re still going strong!

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