Read Martin’s account of the Mother’s Garden adventure – how one family changed the course of their lives by moving to rural Catalonia. The honest and often funny book about how Mother’s Garden premium olive oil came to be. Published by Little Brown.

"There's a sign hanging just inside the broad and battered front door of our ramshackle farmhouse that reads DEU VOS GUARD. On the day we bought our tiny patch of Catalonia a new friend who lives across the valley laughingly translated it as God Help You...' "

So begins Martin Kirby's candid, compelling and often comic account of how he and Maggie Whitman, a typical British couple with two young children, give up their careers, home and stable life in England nearly 20 years ago to move to a small rundown mountain farm in Catalonia and turn it into a home, a retreat and a multi-award-winning premium olive oil business.

Farmer's husband, travel writer, journalist, author and screenwriter - Martin and his family are known to people around the world through his books, articles and two documentaries about life on their Catalan mountain farm, known to so many as Mother's Garden.

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