Our Story

First of all, welcome. Thank you for showing interest in Mother’s Garden and our family.  


Mother's Garden is not just a trademark. It is our home, our way of life. We love this little farm, the nature and the challenges of this life, and we have gladly shared the experience with countless people during the past twenty years, through television documentaries, books and articles.  And then there are the thousands of people who have come to stay. Thank you all for your interest and support, for  becoming part of the story. We have always been honest about the goodness and the tribulations, the joys and the sorrows of what it has meant to radically change the course of our lives.

The Mother's Garden story began in January 2001 when we brought our then very young children Ella and Joe, to the mountain region of the Priorat in Catalunya, half an hour from the Mediterranean in north eastern Spain. We immediately sought to be as self-sufficient as possible and began to learn and appreciate the richess of the land, the biodiversity and the culture. At the heart is the table and at the heart of the table is the olive oil, both of which we have sought to share.  



We live on the fringe of the wild terrain of the Serra de Llaberia mountains,  amid a patchwork of groves of olives, almonds and hazels. Our nearest village, Marçà, is home to a community-minded, table-centric families of this land. The Catalan culture mostly reflects the traditional Mediterranean diet, with freshness and good produce essential to everyday life and cooking.



Through our neighbours, friends, fellow parents at the school gate and the people we worked with, we quickly appreciated the value of time for food which, naturally, brings time for conversation, resolution, laughter and understanding. And no other food - a superfood, sustainably farmed - sums up the wisdoms of this culture and that Mediterranean recipe for healthy, fulfilling lives, more than the juice of the olive. Mother’s Garden as a brand was born. 


For over 15 years now, we've collaborated with our local cooperative mill in Masroig and La Serra d'Almos, to bring to you our beloved extra virgin olive oil. 



Arbequina is the main olive variety in our region and its juice has won awards all over the world.

Alongside the olives from our small farm, we work with local farmers from our corner of our little county, who all make a contribution to your oil. Even if it's just one crate of olives, every single olive counts. Working and sharing with our community, learning from it, helping in a small way to sustain it, are some of the incredible gifts living here has given us.