• In the UK 3 litre tin £30, case of 6x500ml bottles £45.
  • There is a flat rate delivery charge of £13.25 for orders of more that £135.
  • There is a supplement for N.Ireland. 
  • For other countries please get in touch for a quote. 

Save money and reduce transport impact by sharing a delivery with friends, family and colleagues. Instead of making monthly purchases, double your order and only order every two months - just store your order at home in a cool dark place. Learn more about our HUBs here.

Usually every two to three months, but some people place a large order every three to six months, sharing the delivery with friends and family or colleagues to reduce the transport cost and impact.

We can supply a single 3 litre tin or as many as you wish, or a single 500ml bottle or a case or more of 6x500ml bottles.

Just email us and ask to be added to our subscriber list. We will then notify you on all key dates and shipments and you will be among the first to know when it is on sale, with the chance to pre-order.

Yes. Please get in touch for pricing if you are a chef, deli, wholefood/farm shop or other business. We would love to work with more fine food outlets and great chefs.

A hub is a group that places one order for many, cutting the transport cost and impact. We have a lot of hubs now. These are made up of friends/family members/colleagues/neighbours.

One person agrees to receive the order and everyone collects.

Simply try and find another person who loves and wants the best olive oil and the word will spread. In no time you will have a hub of your own.

Learn more about our HUBs here.


Online through our shop plus we are are stocked by some wonderful food shops. We are also always happy to find wonderful new good food outlets that wish to work with us. Also, you can buy a single bottle from the Sacla online store. You can see a full list of stores and cafes which stock or use Mother's Garden Extra Virgin Olive Oil here.

See our full list of stockists here.

Yes - please get in touch at mothersgarden.es@gmail.com