Plant-based goodness, sharing table and learning from nature. A life, a tree, a farm in all honesty.

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Why freshness matters

The many health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, rich in antioxidants, are constantly being studied. The Mediterranean diet of fresh food is one of the most evidenced-based diets for heart health and longevity, and olive oil is fundamental to it.

Picked and pressed within 24 hours, our olive oil has a very low acidity and is brimming with nutrients and flavour. You know that spicy, peppery feeling that hits the back of your throat when trying genuinely fresh, quality oil? Those are the polyphenols. These magic components have shown to be hugely beneficial to us humans by preventing oxidising of the fat in the bloodstream and fighting age-related diseases. 

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About Us

About Us

We – Martin and Maggie, alongside our daughter and son Ella and Joe – have been farming arbequina olives and living an adventure in the Priorat mountains of Catalunya, south of Barcelona, since January 2001. But the story is more than olive oil. It is a way of life. We moved here in search for time as a family, community and nature. Channel 4 made two Mother’s Garden documentaries – see series 1 and 3 for the behind the scenes of our family journey - and Martin has written two books, No Going Back and Shaking The Tree.

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The Table

The Table

We believe that sharing food around a table is a fundamental need that should be at the core of any family, community and society. Food, hopefully always the freshest and healthiest food, is one of the greatest positives of life. But sharing it and giving time for food multiplies that goodness tenfold.

About the table


To read our chronicle from the farm – an honest account of life, olive oil and the universe that follows on from two No Going Back television documentaries and two books about Mother’s Garden we invite you to engage in our blog. Also, visit us on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates. Don’t miss the opportunity to try some of Maggie’s Mother’s Garden recipes…

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