Why Freshness Matters

We all want fresh food, be it fruit, vegetables, juice, fish and meat. So why not extra virgin olive oil? In its finest form it is simply the juice of the crushed fruit with the water spun out, stored and bottled at the mill in the groves and shipped from there. Freshness is as vital as the essential information about provenance and quality. Look for the pressing dates. Click on the photograph to find out more. NEW HARVEST NOW ON SALE!

Farm Blog & Recipes

Click the image above to read our chronicle from the farm – an honest account of life, olive oil and the universe that follows on from two No Going Back television documentaries and two books about Mother’s Garden.  Or click here to visit our Facebook page for regular updates. Plus, be sure to try some of Maggie’s Mother’s Garden recipes.

About Us/Documentaries

We – Martin, and Maggie – have been farming arbequina olives and living an adventure in The Priorat mountains of Catalonia, south of Barcelona, since January 2001. . But the story is more than olive oil, more a way of life. Maybe you missed the documentaries – see the link below. Channel 4 made two Mother’s Garden documentaries – see series 1 and 3 http://www.channel4.com/programmes/no-going-back/on-demand/30584-001

Holiday Cottage

More than 1000 people from every continent have visited Mother’s Garden. Our holiday cottage is perfect for people seeking a different holiday off the beaten track – families, walkers, birders, foodies, wine connoisseurs, rock climbers, anyone seeking a memorable break. Now taking bookings for 2020, so come and explore the Priorat mountains and Roman Tarragona.

Martin’s books

SHAKING THE TREE is now available as an e-book. Martin is an author, journalist and screenwriter, and NO GOING BACK and SHAKING THE TREE tell the family’s living-the-dream Mother’s Garden story. His novel, Count The Petals Of The Moon Daisy, is now a film project. And his latest feature film script – JAM – set here in Catalonia, London and Dublin, is in pre-production. Follow his blog about life, farming, olive oil, the universe and everything.

Photograph album

We have taken a great many photographs over the years, a valuable record of this life that we want to share. In the coming months we will add more to our album, so please have a browse, whether you are an olive oil customer, a reader, or are thinking of coming to stay on the farm in 2017. And thank you to everyone who has contributed.