Our Table

We know, as do so many of you, that the table is fundamental to well-being.



It offers sustenance far beyond wonderful food. It is the wisest use of time, the focus for union, for family, for friends, for people we may have never met before. It is the essential ingredient for conversation, laughter, connection, understanding, resolution, learning and listening.

More, it can be the immeasurable bridge between generations, the fosterer of love and respect, the foundation of securities that will carry us through life with more generous hearts and deeper compassion and patience. It is the antidote to isolation, fear and depression, if we give time. If we share. The table is everything.

Imagine living in a community of hundreds that come together at vast tables several times a year to eat. Think what that can mean for securities, respect, awareness and understanding. Much is made of the Mediterranean diet, rightly so, with the oil juice of the olive at the core of that goodness. Yet precious little is made of HOW the people of the Mediterranean eat. 

The table is also an opportunity for us to communicate, away from technology and distractions. Here at the farm, as a family and as a brand, the communication between generations and cultures is key to our improvement and growth. If given the opportunity, we will listen to all and strive to create balance and understanding. We value diversity, equity and inclusion, sustainability, rewilding projects and green living, community outreach and connection, plant-based goodness, gentle farming and wellness.  


    No matter where you are, you can bring the magic of our Mother's Garden table to your own home with Maggie's Recipes here.  

    Please, share your Mother’s Garden Mediterranean Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil with others, share your table. Join us in calling for community leaders, whosoever they may be, to be given the support and opportunity to lay the long tables as often as possible, in homes, village halls, streets, anywhere. Come together, listen, share, learn, laugh and enjoy living. 

    We at Mother’s Garden wish you health, time and wellbeing. Always. Tread softly.

    In tandem with that, we’d like to five you a flavour of some of the texts that inspire and challenge, some of the books among the many in our home that we value and have influenced and educated us as we seek to sustain. We include, too, cookbooks we regularly open and explore.

    • Braiding Sweetgrass - Robin Wall Kimmerer
    • Feral - George Monbiot
    • Upstream - Mary Oliver
    • Common Ground - Rob Cowen
    • Mountains Of The Mind - Robert MacFarlane
    • A Buzz In The Meadow - David Goulson
    • The Way Home - Mark Boyle
    • A Brush With Nature - Richard Mabey
    • Rainbow Dust - Peter Marren
    • Greenpeace: How a group of ecologists, journalists and visionaries changed the world - Rex Weyler
    • The Olive Oil Diet: Nutritional Secrets of the Original Superfood  - Judy Ridgway and Simon E. Poole
    • Leaves of Grass - Walt Whitman
    • Vegetarian Kitchen - Sarah Brown
    • Honey & Co At Home - Sarit Packer & Itamar Srulovich
    • Moro The Cookbook - Sam and Sam Clark
    • Colour Me Vegan - Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
    • Riverford Farm - Guy Watson & Jane Baxter
    • Happy Food - Bettina Campolucci Bordi
    • The Flavour Thesaurus - Niki Segnit
    • Cranks Bible - Nadine Abensur
    • Delia