Be a HUB and save

Let’s cut the transport and the cost


A HUB is a group of family members, friends/colleagues or a buying cooperative who share one delivery to one address.


We have scores of hub groups all over the UK now – people who want the best and also want to save on the cost of (and environmental impact of) transport, and we support this by offering free delivery for a minimum order of £135+.


Talk to your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues – pass on our labels if you have already ordered a 3 litre container – and place an order together.

That way you can get the best olive oil for as little as £10 A LITRE. We would love to hear from you, so just get in touch with any questions. 


We also supply leading chefs and delis with the same award-winning, fresh, cold-pressed extra virgin arbequina olive oil – and would love to hear from others too.


To place an order, contact us for a chat. Help us spread the word about – and growing appreciation of – fresh olive oil.


And if you are in another country, by sharing a delivery you can reduce the cost. We now supply to many places around the world and all of Europe, so please ask and we will give you a quote.


This arbequina oil is a fabulous finishing oil for salads, fish, steamed vegetables, soups or just to be served alone for dipping with equally fresh bread. We love it on poached eggs, with Marmite(!) on toast, with asparagus, in our homemade alioli and sauces – it has the extraordinary ability of lifting the flavours of those wonderful foods it accompanies and is not overpowering. Scent it and you will appreciate the fruit and freshness. Taste it and you will appreciate the complex flavours and the peppery finish.  


More and more people are now understanding that freshness is vital, as vital as cold-pressing. Oil that is not from the most recent harvest will have less flavour and goodness. Try our olive oil for yourselves, and see what a difference fresh, quality olive oil can make to your daily diet – have it at the heart of your healthy life and table. Delicious goodness, the original superfood.
And if you want to learn more, we can also send with your olive oil order a copy of the award-winning book The Olive Oil Diet, by expert Judy Ridgway and GP Dr Simon Poole. See our shop.


Quality, full information, provenance and freshness are key. There can be no compromise for us. We at Mother’s Garden would, naturally, love to supply you.


Keep well.