The Olive Diet | Book

The Olive Diet | Book

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Essential new book on health benefits and goodness of premium extra virgin olive oil

THE OLIVE OIL DIET – Nutritional Secrets of the Original Superfood
By Dr Simon Poole GP and olive oil expert Judy Ridgway.


Just published, this book is vital, wonderful. It is the go-to book for everyone who wants to source and appreciate nature’s original superfood at its best and discover its extraordinary health secrets and real fresh flavours.
The book is by renowned olive oil expert Judy Ridgway (who has featured us in one of her previous books) and practicing GP Dr Simon Poole, who is also a writer and broadcaster.

Easy to understand, defining and with more than 100 great recipes, here is the one-book explanation as to why a diet with premium fresh extra virgin olive oil at its heart is vital to improving health and well-being.

And equally importantly, it explores this remarkable Mediterranean ingredient's relevance to countering heart disease, cancer, diabetes and dementia.
Essential “Eat Well, Be Well” reading, recommended by us here at Mother's Garden.


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