Autumnal balance to maddening bureaucracy

By Martin Kirby

Untitled-2 copyTake a walk, Martin. Come with me. Take deep breaths, talk to the olive trees. Step away from the suffocating tangle of bureaucracy and our struggle to unravel it. The endless examples of governmental disconnect - a repeated and abject failure to understand how most people think, exist, survive, work, attain and sustain - span my lifetime. At unthinkable cost. Compared to the gross scale of some of well documented failures in governance, our stand on the matter of extra virgin olive oil and how it is sold is miniscule, but it makes it no less important. It illustrates the general issue of how good intentions can, due to law-makers' failings to communicate and understand simple truths, become punitive, costly disasters. I need to shout, and I will. See my last post and watch for more. But today I want to simply share the fortifying textures and beauty of Mother's Garden and these valleys. The vegetable garden chair, the bearded man of the mountain (do you see him?), a cobweb stair to the summit of wild asparagus. Time's up. Back to the office. There will be further news from Mother's Garden soon. Keep well.


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