Coin puzzle unearthed by Joe Joe

By Martin Kirby

Just a brief post, with a question. Any coin aficionados out there who can tell us if this is significant? While I gathered hazel nuts, assisted by Biba the dog who ate a ludicrous number of them, Joe Joe dug up the track looking for Roman treasure. We keep find bits and bobs - recent pottery and the occasional coin. Then he unearthed one of these. We are pretty sure it was a Nationalist coin, so the fact it was minted in 1937 at the outset of the civil war might be significant. It was obviously dropped after Franco's forces swept through here in late 1938, early 1939. Meanwhile, we will keep our eyes to the ground. I remain convinced there must have been Roman dwelling here, near the spring. There are certain to be more civil war artefacts too, like the gun carriage we found, as this valley is where the International Brigade camped before the final major endeavour by the besieged Republic, the battle of the Ebro.


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