With love from  Mother's Garden

With love from Mother's Garden

By Martin Kirby

With love from  Mother's Garden
Keep safe, one and all. Listen to our podcasts

Dear all,

We want to send positive thoughts and appreciation to you from us here at the Mother's Garden farm, our home for 20 years, and to give you an update on how things are for us at this profound time of uncertainty and reflection. We so hope you are keeping well and managing the best you can. If you want to get in touch, please do.

We also want to let you know we have stock in the UK of our most recent harvest olive oil and can, at the time of writing, supply direct to your home. In March we managed to prepare and send a shipment. Our brother and UPS are working with us to get any orders out to you. If this situation changes we will tell you immediately. If you are part of a HUB - please check with us or your co-ordinator regarding group orders/collection.

Thank you for all the messages of concern. We are spending virtually all our time on the farm, understandably, with only infrequent food shopping trips and collections from the mill under very strict controls. Our community here in the mountains of the Priorat, southern Catalonia, has been very respectful of the lockdown. The people, though obviously anxious as are we all, remain positive. Yes, music from balconies. This is a very tactile society, so the sense of distance is hard to bear, but they are doing it.

We are very fortunate to have our son Joe at home with us. He began his degree in Political Science at the Vrije University in Amsterdam last September, but was able to return here before the lockdown and is continuing to study online for the moment. Our daughter, Ella, is on a 6-month work visa in Singapore and staying with her boyfriend and his family. She is well and able to write and work online also. Meanwhile we carry on pruning the olives, planting loads of veg and reading, writing, playing music and catching up on unfinished projects!

If you wish to order then an email back to us is ideal. Please note our main telephone line number is not working at the moment, but we are on our mobile(0034 677 708115) and online.

Meanwhile, we want to offer something different, over and above the goodness of olive oil, something to counter the weight of news. The farm is full of nature tales and burgeoning with life and song as spring dawns. Martin will be posting a further nature podcast in the coming days and we will let you know when it is live. Join him on the land as it awakens.

Below is the link. Click and listen.


Keep safe. Keep strong.

Martin and Maggie


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