Maggie's Mother's Garden flower essences

By Martin Kirby

Last summer Maggie began making flower essence remedies for the small, independent English flower essence company Creature Comforters. As the name implies, these are remedies for pets, but also for people. We are creatures too, after all. The Cromer producer - in the Norfolk seaside town where Dr Edward Bach discovered and developed essences in the 1930s - passionately believes that flower remedies must be made exactly in the way Dr Bach carefully specified, using the natural and preferable "solar" method of infusion where applicable. We are delighted to be close to them. Here at Mother's Garden, ten acres rich in biodiversity,an organic farm and part wilderness for more than twenty years, this is one part of our wholistic approach to life. Giving people of all ages the space and peace to renew and recover, to calm and to measure what is important, has become a vital part of the story. Gladly we see more and more people across the world recognising how, in harmony with established medical practice, conscious self-healing can address fundamental life burdens such as stress, distress, and physical or psychological pains. Have a look at and click on the signpost to find out more. You can search online for individual remedies or there is the complete range of all 38 Bach Flower Remedies from Agrimony to Willow. As for our tiny contribution, the early morning meditation of making the essences is special in itself.


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