Mother's Garden documentaries

By Martin Kirby

Channel 4 has now made the two hour-long documentaries about Mother's Garden available online in the UK. Put the kettle on then click here to watch them. Filmed during the early years of our adventure, they tell the family story and explain why we came to this small farm in the mountains of Catalonia 17 years ago. The time has flown, of course, but the feelings and appreciations are exactly the same. What still matters is time - time for family, good food, nature and community. We count our blessings and and ever grateful to our families for their understanding and support. We continue to write, to spread the goodness that is fresh extra virgin olive oil, and to welcome guests from all over the world to our holiday cottage on the farm. Perhaps you might like to come. We are thinking that 2018 may be our last year of running the cottage as a holiday let, so think on. Keep well. Martin and Maggie


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