New customers for fresh olive oil

By Martin Kirby

Awareness of the wonder of fresh olive oil is spreading .... and we have been feasting on fabulous pork pies and fudge.

Maggie's appearance at the Gentleman's Walk Farmers' Market in Norwich a week ago was so enjoyable and rewarding, hence a big thank you to everyone who came to taste and buy our fresh olive oil. Following her England visit, and as news of the website and our oil widens, the orders and new customers increase. These include the The Hub Cafe and Gallery at 9 Netherconesford, King St, Norwich, and also Dolly's Country Larder in King's Parade, Cottingham, East Yorkshire. Our shipments to the UK are increasing all the time, so see our online shop for details or, if you are a chef of deli owner, get in touch. And the pies and fudge? On the farmers' market stall next to Maggie were Perfect Pies, the award winning Norfolk feasts made by Nell Montgomery and Sarah Pettegree of Bray’s Cottage, Hindolveston. Maggie even managed to get an intact pie back to Mother’s Garden, by way of apology for failing to organize a pork pie for Christmas breakfast. (My grandpa was from near Melton Mowbray and family traditions are to be devoured not sniffed at.) So I am a discerning connoisseur of pork pies and have to say, Nell and Sarah, it was, underlined, utterly magnificent. Maggie also brought back some Fab Fudge, made by the market organisers Tracey Farrow and Jeff Betts. Cor and double cor.


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