New harvest - new labels with vital information

By Martin Kirby

Today is a very big day for us as we share with you our new label design for the first time. After much thought and work in recent months (thank you to everyone who has helped us) we have created a new label to give customers the essential information about what matters; freshness, provenance and quality. This includes putting the key dates - when the olives were picked and pressed and the oil bottled - first and foremost. This information is essential, yet rarely given on most olive oil bottles. We all want fresh food, so why not olive oil too, a wonderful food full of goodness that is, simply, the juice of a fruit? And at the heart of the new labels our lovely tree trademark, designed by niece Rosa and daughter Ella when they were just nine and six, stands all the taller, full of life and goodness. Please consider sharing this with your friends. With thanks. We are back at the mill again today preparing a second December New Harvest shipment for England. Please get in touch if you would like to reserve some.


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