By Martin Kirby

Who would like some amazing new harvest premium extra virgin olive oil? We are harvesting and pressing now, for deliveries of daisy-fresh, amazing premium extra virgin olive oil in the UK during early December. A superfood treat! HOW TO SAVE...... PRE-ORDERS PLACED AND PAID FOR BEFORE 30th NOVEMBER WILL BE AT THE CURRENT PRICES (Current prices 2 litres £19.20, 5 litre £40.70, Case of glass £42.60 - nb there is still a £10.75 delivery charge for orders under £120) Prices from 1st December will be 2 litres £19.50, 5 litres £41.50, Case of glass £43.50 , We aim to have this new harvest with customers before Christmas, hopefully in the first two weeks of December.
PLEASE SHARE AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Thank you to the twenty friends, family and volunteers pressed into action-packed days in the olive groves. Would you like some? Get in touch. Or go to our online shop. We have had to make a slight increase from December 1 due to greater production and transports costs, but we are still able to bring you one of the finest olive oils in the world from as little as £8.30 a litre. Sending all best wishes from a rather busy Mother's Garden


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