By Martin Kirby

ORDER YOUR SUPER-FRESH MOTHER’S GARDEN NEW HARVEST PREMIUM EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL - STRAIGHT FROM THE MILL It is all happening! The olives are being picked and the mill is in full swing – it is the annual harvest at Mother’s Garden and throughout our region of the Priorat in Southern Catalunya. We are working hard to get newly pressed olive juice to you as soon as possible. We are taking orders now for December deliveries, so please get back to us as soon as you can. As always, there is limited stock, so first come first served. Contact us or go to our online shop UNFILTERED OR NOT? (Unfiltered olive oil only available in 3 litre tins). If you want unfiltered we need your order by Sunday evening, November 18th. Unfiltered is even more vibrant and peppery, but because it has fruit particles in it we recommend it is consumed or filtered within three months. Filtered olive oil is slightly softer but also bursting with all the goodness and delicious flavour. We recommend filtered olive oil is consumed within a year of bottling. The aim as always is to deliver to customers before Christmas. We will pull out all the stops to do this but cannot promise (we haven’t failed yet). As you can see above, the pricing is unchanged. 3 litre tins, £27 each (filtered or unfiltered) Case of 6x500ml bottles £43.50 (only filtered available) No delivery charge for orders of more than £120. Normal flat rate charge is £10.75 currently. We regret this may increase in January. PLEASE CONSIDER, in these uncertain times for all of us, buying more volume and storing it. Buy with friends, family, colleagues, neighbours - see our hubs page. You cut down on transport cost and impact and because the olive juice is so fresh it will store well if kept in a cool place. Hundreds of our valued customers love to receive the new harvest, the zest of freshly pressed Mother’s Garden premium extra virgin olive oil. So, get back to us or go to our online shop. We can supply Europe-wide, but deliveries will take one week longer. If you need a top up right now, we have a few 3 litre tins of our award-winning, delicious olive oil from the last harvest still available. It is still really fruity and beautiful. We have no glass bottles of this currently in stock. We send all good wishes from Mother's Garden - and please note, we will be opening the cottage for visitors again in 2019.


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