NEW - The 2019 Mother's Garden Podcasts

By Martin Kirby

HAPPY NEW YEAR one and all, from us here on the farm at Mother's Garden, a breeze away from the Mediterranean, home of your premium extra virgin olive oil. Here is something new for 2019 - a podcast of Mother's Garden farm life, a weekly wander across the land and through a host of topics, not least nature and food. It will be very much a local view, intended to give a flavour of this life, this land, but it will also include opinion of global matters, essentially ecology and our collective home, Earth. I think of these podcasts as having the title Where I Stand, as I - we - seek to ground ourselves amid the obsessions of our collective daily lives and the relentless torrent of news, most of it negative. An antidote, if you will, certainly a chance to step away for a moment - about ten minutes once a week - to perhaps get a sense of Mother's Garden and all it means to us and everyone who has ever been here. So, peace to all. And with hope for health and sustaining fulfilments in 2019 here is the first of the podcasts. If you wish to listen on an iphone/itunes, click here. If you have another phone or want to listen via a computer, click here. Please consider following, and also sharing this. Oh - two further rather important things. IF YOU HAVE YET TO ORDER NEW HARVEST OLIVE OIL we have stock and it can be with you in a couple of days. Just email us or go to our online shop. AND FEEDBACK - all your thoughts regarding the new olive oil and, indeed, the podcasts are most welcome. We really value you and your opinions. Keep well. Maybe consider a visit to Mother's Garden this year. Martin


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