Our fresh olive oil now in Canada and America

By Martin Kirby

Do you live in Canada or America? Would you like to try our fresh, top award-winning extra virgin arbequina olive oil? New harvest olive oil straight from the village mill here in The Priorat, Catalonia, Spain, will be arriving in Toronto - where Maggie was born - any day now for immediate delivery to private clients and chefs. We have teamed up with Dos Cielos Privado of Toronto to bring make Mother's Garden arbequina extra virgin olive oil - awarded the top 3-star gold standard in the British Great Taste Awards in 2011 - available for North Americans who appreciate the finest, healthiest food that is bursting with flavour as well as goodness. As in England, we are giving people the chance to enjoy fresh olive oil as we do here in the Mediterranean - 100 per cent extra virgin, from a single village cooperative mill, in the beautiful Priorat mountains where the groves have been tended for thousands of years. Just contact us now and we will arrange for Dos Cielos Privado to get in touch. This is what Colin Webster of Dos Cielos Privado, Toronto, says about our olive oil. "It the best 100 per cent arbequina olive oil that I have ever tasted." BOOK RECOMMENDATION: And we strongly urge everyone who loves and understands - or wants to understand more - about the finest, freshest 100 per cent extra virgin olive oil to read Tom Mueller's vital, intelligent and engrossing new book Extra Virginity: The Sublime And Scandalous World Of Olive Oil (Amazon in US). The American writer, based in Italy has laid bare the story of one of the world's more important and wonderful foods.


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