Premium extra virgin olive oil Europe-wide

By Martin Kirby

Delicious, finest Mother’s Garden olive oil - one of the finest olive oils in the world – is now available for immediate delivery Europe-wide for late summer feasting. (Thank you to our first customers in Germany). Five litre containers, two litre containers and cases of 6x500ml bottles available. Go to our shop, pay in your local currency, share a shipment with friends and save money. Just ask us if you need more information. One village mill. Simple and wonderful. And – Week beginning September 4 is still free in the farm cottage, so ask about late booking discount. 2017 comments on our olive oil and cottage include…. “Best artisanal olive oil I have had. Very popular with the rest of the family and reasonably priced. Keep it coming.” “Love is all around this house. Peace, Joy, freedom and the best food ever!” “If we travelled the world over we would never be able to find a place as lovely as this.” “Our fourth stay comes to an end and Mother’s Garden is as lovely as ever – the Priorat delightful and the hospitality superb. We will definitely be back to our favourite holiday destination.”


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