Rush for New Harvest Unfiltered Olive Oil

By Martin Kirby

Our annual NEW HARVEST UNFILTERED olive oil shipment has now landed in England for Christmas feasts - and 90 per cent has already been sold! Every year demand for the freshest, finest olive oil grows as, thankfully, more and more people appreciate that freshness is as equally important as provenance and a guarantee that the olive oil is 100 per cent extra virgin olive oil. That is why we always tell you where and when the olives were pressed and bottled. If you have ordered this potent new harvest unfiltered oil, alive with fruit particles, it should be enjoyed within six months maximum. But if you missed out, don't worry, we are taking orders for a January shipment so get in touch (click here). This will be filtered new harvest olive oil that will be packed with flavour and goodness, as always from the groves that won the highest award on the 2011 Great Taste Awards - 3 gold stars. Get in touch. And we can announce today that Mother's Garden olive oil is now available in Canada. We are working with Dos Cielos in Toronto where Maggie was born - a fledgingly business run by a family who have stayed at Mother's Garden. As with our UK supplies there is a choice of larger containers (5litres) and 500ml glass bottles. If you are in Canada or America and are interested to learn more please drop us a line and we will put you in touch. The olive harvest here on the farm has been early and a little disheartening. A very localised April storm crashed in from the west and pummelled the olive flowers, robbing us of all but a few precious fruits on our trees. Other growers have had better fortune – groves just half a mile apart tell different stories - and the cooperative farmers we work with have more than enough wonderful fruit for our customers, thank goodness.We gathered what we could, then shared in the harvest at our neighbours Marta and Benet, taking with us friends from Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, all members of the Prendergast clan. As we savoured the sight of the youngest picker, toddler Mina, sitting with legs splayed on the nets, it was easy for the eye to drift to the autumn colours of the adjoining vineyard. The hues this year have been more warming than ever and the pastel days refused to yield.


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