Selling out fast - but there's more on the way

By Martin Kirby

URGENT STOCK CHECK A sudden rush of orders for our Mother's Garden fresh arbequina extra virgin olive oil means we only have 24x5 litres available until the next shipment lands – first week of July. Any urgent requirements for a 5 litre please let us know, otherwise we can take advance orders now for delivery in the first week of July, for all sizes – 5 litre, 2litre and cases of 6x500ml. As you appreciate, our policy is to hold stock in the UK for only a very short time, because it is vital for quality that we carefully store your olive oil at the mill here in Catalonia until we ship. This is on average once every six weeks throughout the year. We will be working hard bottling at the mill in the coming days. We thank you all for your love of our fresh extra virgin olive oil and your continued support of Mother’s Garden. If you are new to the website and Mother's Garden and are searching for the finest olive oil please say hello. Martin and Maggie Untitled-3


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