Dementia: Daily Spoonful of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Can Cut Risk by 28%

Dementia: Daily Spoonful of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Can Cut Risk by 28%

By Ella Kirby

Dementia: Daily Spoonful of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Can Cut Risk by 28%

A recent study conducted by Harvard's School of Public Health research fellow Anne-Julie Tessier shows how one can enhance cognitive function by including extra-virgin Olive Oil in their diet. A hopeful and promising discovery, this study concludes that including three teaspoons a day of this superfood can cut the chances of dying from dementia by a notable percentage of 28%.  

Uncovering the links between olive oil and cognitive health has long been relevant to us as a business but also due to our relationship with this unforgiving disease. We have lost two of the most incredible minds to dementia, Maggie's late father and her second eldest sister. 

We have talked about the benefits of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil before, but how is it specifically relevant to brain health? Our extra-virgin olive oil is made by cold-pressing our arbequina olives the same day they are picked. This process allows an exceptionally low acidity of less than 0.2 per cent, preserving its richness in antioxidants and nutrients. 

“EVOO [extra-virgin olive oil] enhanced the blood-brain barrier function and functional connectivity between different brain areas in individuals with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), which could emphasize EVOO-phenolics’ effect,” Dr Kaddoumi, a professor at the Harrison College of Pharmacy at Auburn University told MNT after her 2022 study. The polyphenols, often referenced in terms of the health benefits of extra-virgin olive oil, are that kick you feel at the back of your throat when you try a teaspoon of this fresh fruit juice. 

Preventing cognitive decline is one of the many benefits of including this ancient and versatile superfood in your diet. The Mediterranean diet, which we follow, is a way of eating that emphasizes plant-based foods and healthy fats. You can read more about how to apply more of a Mediterranean diet to your lifestyle via the Heart UK website, the leading UK Cholesterol Charity.  

That being said, "Dr Tessier and her colleagues found that the association of olive oil with a lower risk of death from dementia persisted regardless of diet quality, including how closely people adhered to the Mediterranean diet", as explained by Medical News Today. Amazing to see science proving just how powerful and beneficial extra-virgin olive oil can be. 

All in all, finding ways of incorporating extra-virgin olive oil into your diet should be a fun and easy venture. We often forget that adding it to a dish, once cooked and ready to serve, will simply boost the flavours and goodness of the nourishing meal. Whatever brand you choose, make sure you know when and where the olive oil was pressed. This is vital information that we always include on our labels. Although bursting with flavour, it is not overpowering and therefore versatile. Sweet or savoury, it can easily be a part of your gut, heart and brain-sustaining food routine. Mother's Garden extra-virgin olive oil comes in two sizes, either our family-favourite 3L tin for decanting or 500ml bottles (sold individually or in cases of five). Visit our shop to choose your quantity, get special discounts when you buy larger quantities and share with friends, neighbours or colleagues. 

If you would like to read more, visit Medical News Today to gain access to the eye-opening study. Other articles include

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