Mother's Garden podcast February 2021

Mother's Garden podcast February 2021

By Martin Kirby

Mother's Garden podcast February 2021

Walk with Martin on the farm: A sense of place, a deeper understanding of life and nature at Mother's Garden, and the rhythms and challenges of this mountain valley and all who share it.
Keep safe, one and all. May you have the chance and time to be in the nature.
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  • Great post guys – love your instagram pics

    Neil russell-smith on

  • Just picked up your books again, so glad you are still going strong. Stay safe.

    Anne Reck on

  • Martin and Maggie.. I am using my 2006 diary for “creative writing” inspiration. We stayed with you and during the night you heard Maggie’s sister was in Addenbrooks hospital so you had to leave immediately. Our travels continued… but we have NEVER forgotten your hospitality. Re-living these times via my diary has given me much pleasure. You have probably forgotten us.. but we will never forget you! GRACIAS!

    Lisa Webber on

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