NO GOING BACK programmes now online

By Martin Kirby

LIVING THE DREAM - two MOTHER'S GARDEN television documentaries now free to view online. Ella and Joe 2002 with TV cameraDo you want to watch - or watch again - the TV programmes that put Mother's Garden, and our award-winning extra virgin olive oil, on the map? Channel 4 has now made available online the NO GOING BACK documentaries, starting with our journey here 15 years ago. People have constantly asked how they can get to see the two insights, which until now has not been possible. Back in 2000 we volunteered to be the first family to be featured on the first series of No Going Back just because we wanted a record of our adventure, for our children and grandchildren, and for our families and friends to have a greater understanding of why we were doing this. We did not think many people would be interested. There had been no "living the dream" programmes until then. That first documentary was screened on Channel 4 in 2002 when ITV and the BBC were showing other highly popular programmes, a premiership football match, Footballers' Wives and a natural history documentary about gorillas. But that night, with our young children tucked up in bed, we sat in our Catalan farmhouse beside the open fire, talking, wondering ...then the phone began to ring and ring. More than 4 million UK families tuned in to watch, and since then the documentaries have been screened around the world, spawning countless other programmes and bringing a host of wonderful people to stay on the farm. So here it is, the beginning of the Mother's Garden story, our search for a different way of living, that has led to our our vital extra virgin olive oil business, three books, screenplays, holiday cottage visitors from all corners of the globe. Please share with anyone who is interested in such life stories, in the finest olive oil or who may like to visit Mother's Garden.…/30584-001
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PS delicious new harvest olive oil arriving in the

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  • Am living in spain torrevieja for 8 years we have done that journey many times know the journey? Have just started reading your book no going back love it

    Anita Cox on

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