Mother's Garden 2016

By Martin Kirby

We hope you are well and have had a peaceful Christmas. Some important news... 2016 PRICES The price of our award-winning extra virgin olive oil will have to rise a little in the New Year due to increased transport and handling costs. But we will delay these increases until 1st of February so everyone who has yet to order the delicious new harvest can do so at 2015 prices. From February the new prices will be 5 litre container - £39 (formerly £38.50) 2 litre container - £18.50 (formerly £18) Case of 6x500ml bottles - £40.50 (formerly £40) Also, our delivery charge for orders under £100 will be £10.50 (formerly £10). READ THE NEW REVIEWS – AND POST ONE We are grateful to you all for your Ongoing interest and support – and for the first reviewers to post comments about our olive oil on our improved online shop. Have a read, and please consider posting your thoughts too. The reviews are so valuable to us as we seek to find new customers, sustain Mother’s Garden and widen knowledge and appreciation of fresh, premium extra virgin olive oil. To post a comment just click here to go to the online shop. Click on the photograph of a 2 litre, 5 litre or case of glass bottles and this will take you to the product page. Scroll down and you will see the reviews link. BEST WISHES FOR NEW YEAR - AND THANK YOU Thank you so much for being a Mother’s Garden customer, and for all the messages I have received through this challenging year. I am feeling better by the day and looking forward with gratitude and hope. Mother’s Garden in all that it encompasses means so much to me – family, nature, goodness and positive challenge – and we will, with the support of a great many people, sustain and grow. We wish you health, peace, fulfilment and joy in the year ahead, our sixteenth on the farm. Maybe you would like to come and stay in the farm cottage? Hugs


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