Does cold affect olive oil?

By Martin Kirby

Does cold affect olive oil? No.Cold does not harm your olive oil At this time of year lots of customers order new harvest olive oil from us for winter feasts - for dipping bread, drizzling onto steamed vegetables or fish, onto poached eggs, there are so many lovely ways to use it, enjoying the flavour and goodness. But because of the colder temperatures in the UK and northern Europe your new harvest olive oil may have formed into white clouds or clumps in transit. This is absolutely normal. This does not, we stress, affect the quality of your olive oil at all and it will clear at normal room temperature. Ideally, buy fresh olive oil in a larger container, keep this in a cool place out of direct sunlight, and decant what you need into a 250ml or 500ml dispenser to place at the heart of your table for every meal. We happily leave our oil on the cold pantry floor until we are ready to enjoy it. A new shipment is now on the way, so why not try some?


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