New Harvest olive oil on way to England

By Martin Kirby

Have you tried fresh extra virgin olive oil? Taste the amazing difference. Would you like some.....and how about a visit to the olive groves? Why freshness matters - goodness, flavour and life_edited-3Our February shipment is about to leave for deliveries at the end of the month, so please get in touch in you would like some. And don't forget - share a delivery with friends, family, colleagues, neighbours to cut costs and if the order is more than £100 we will drop the minimum £10 delivery charge. Become a hub, save money and help spread the word about Mother's Garden. WOULD YOU LIKE TO VISIT MOTHER'S GARDEN? Come and see these stunning mountains and valleys where your olive oil comes from. March, April, May and June are wonderful months here - birding, walking, eating, wine tasting, or just sitting under an olive tree. We would love to welcome you. The holiday cottage on our farm is available. Three bedrooms, ideal for six or less.


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