New stock now in UK!

New stock now in UK!

By Martin Kirby

New stock now in UK!

We have just re-stocked successfully and are taking UK orders now!

Get your multi-award winning Mother's Garden premium olive oil delivered to your home. Shop here.
A chance to make real savings.
AND we have a discount offer on 2x500ml bottles delivered for £22 (UK).
Here are the costs and savings explained -
Single 500ml bottle - £13.75 delivered (UK)
2x500ml glass bottles - £22 delivered (UK)

For the following larger products, any orders under £135 we offer flat rate shipping of £13.25 (excluding Northern Ireland, please get in touch for a quote).
Whatever your total order that is the maximum you will be charged for delivery. No hidden customs charges.

For orders over £135 we offer free shipping (excluding Northern Ireland).
Have the finest olive oil for under £15 a litre or for as little as £10.50 a litre. Share a delivery and save money. Be a hub for family and friends.
For example.
1x3 litre tin £31.50, with delivery included = £44.75 (£14.92 per litre)
2x3 litre tins £63, with delivery included = £76.25 ( £12.71 per litre)
3x3 litre tins £94.50, with delivery included = £107.75 ( £11.97 per litre)
4x3 litre tins £126, with delivery included = £139.25 ( £11.60 per litre)
5x3 litre tins £157.50, FREE DELIVERY = £157.50 (£10.50 per litre)

Case of 6x500ml bottles £46.50, with delivery inc = £59.75 (£9.96 a bottle)
12x500ml bottles £93, with delivery inc = £106.25 (£8.86 a bottle)
18x500ml bottles £139.50, FREE DELIVERY = £139.50 (£7.75 a bottle)

By all means combine tins and glass bottles in your order. Shop here

ARE YOU A BUSINESS? - Get in touch for business rates.

Worried about customs fee surge-charge? 

We know some of you are worried that there will be further delivery costs. This is not the case. Do not worry. We have now formed a U.K. Limited Company. All importing costs have been met. There is no further cost to you beyond what you’re quoted at checkout on our website. 

Any questions, we’re always here. Please contact us.

Keep safe and well. And keep in touch. To subscribe go to the bottom of this page and enter your email.


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